Balance is key and moderation is my friend. Sometimes!

Real, tangible mind-body health may be closer than you think!


There is no diet or eating style that is perfect for everyone.

We all have individual biological needs or “bio-individuality”, which means your body is unique and responds to food and stress differently than another. We also have different needs through our lifetime. I will work with you to determine what foods work for you, and what supports your health and activity goals. I will then weed out the foods that no longer support you.

What will working with me look like?

My services begin with an initial interview (in person, phone, Skype) and we figure out if we can work together and to assess where you are now, e.g. what health concerns you want help with, and identify your needs, goals and preferences. You will fill out a symptomatology quiz, a brief intake form, and a 3-day diet diary that I will email you.

I will analyze all forms and help you learn how to listen to your body because your body knows best! It is constantly sending you signals, you will learn how to recognize them and to bring your body back into its natural state of balance.


Together we will create an individualized health plan and I will give you the tools to:

  • clean up your diet

  • figure out which foods work for you

  • create your ideal eating style

  • determine what other lifestyle changes you need to make

  • create a roadmap going forward to reach your health and activity goals

I guarantee you that you will be in a different place than you were when you started. Informed, empowered, and revitalized!